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where to put laundry detergent

The type and aroma that can be called liquid detergent✓ type of softener, like the one that dirt falls on is good because there are several characteristics, it tries in several ways. I have fun, when the liquid detergent is put in the washing machine, do you know how to put it right?

First, how do I use liquid detergent? and I was wondering why I’d like to introduce liquid detergent this time. What is the difference between a liquid detergent and a powder detergent? There are several types of liquid detergents.

What is the difference with powdered detergent? The benefits of liquid detergents are: they are easy to dissolve in water and do not contain detergent slag. It can also add fragrance and softener, so it is more functional than powdered detergent, the number of rinses is fine. This way the liquid detergent is a powder detergent could not get a lot of more popular features than the powder detergents seem to have a background.

However, there is a merit to powder detergent, it is more likely to be cleaner than liquid detergent. For example, I have a son who always gets his clothes dirty. It is not a liquid detergent, but a powder detergent that shows the amount of detergent to be used at any given time.
Of course, there is one such thing that the washing power is high in liquid detergent,
If you have porous laundry stains, you can use powdered detergent. Is it okay if I don’t have to put the liquid detergent in the electric washer.

It is important not to make any mistakes in the way liquid detergent is applied.And that’s why if the liquid detergent is not placed correctly in the washing machine, there is a possibility of discoloration and bleaching of the clothes. The “liquid detergent inlet” part of the washing machine is filled with the amount corresponding to the amount of water to be used, when I put a liquid detergent in the liquid detergent inlet and wash it from the pipe connected to the bottom of the washing tank.
Liquid detergent is poured in.

Recently, the washing machine has been saving water, because I wash with the amount of water up to about half of the washing tank if you put a liquid detergent directly into the laundry,
The liquid detergent does not dissolve well and is left behind.

To ensure that the liquid detergent does not melt
It is OK if the liquid detergent is placed from the “liquid detergent inlet”. However, if you are using a model that does not have a “liquid detergent inlet” installed, how is the liquid detergent placed?

where to put the detergent in the washing machine watch the video

The washer does not have a liquid detergent inlet and When using liquid detergent After water has entered the wash tank, be sure to put the liquid detergent evenly in the wash tank. In addition, the washing machine with liquid detergent inlet You can put it in the wash tank directly if this method.

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