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washing clothes with bar soap

Body soap, instead of washing detergent, after all?Because I like public baths, I also go to the public bath at night, but at that time, the face towel used for washing the body, the bath towel, and bring it back with the clothes and underwear other undressing, I wash them with a uniform in an energy saving mode only in the afternoon, but it is wasteful when I use a laundry detergent at that time, and I am washing it considerably modestly when I put a detergent.

Because the detergent is also a chemical substance in the first place, there is a time when I think that the body sometimes becomes itchy and is tight to oneself of the body allergic to the sensitive skin if it remains and caked,

washing clothes with hand soap:In addition, a slight amount of detergent that remained in the area of the detergent insertion port, even just to wash and wipe with a towel and handkerchief together from now on, the towel and shirt smell quite good.

bar soap for washing clothes

Body soap is unlike laundry detergent, because it is designed to be very good foaming, when used in the washing machine, without cutting the foam easily, the detergent residual rate is high if you do not increase the number of times rinse, I think it is not good for your skin. To wash while checking the degree of foam out visually in the hand wash, even if you wash using a body soap, well is not bad, but if you want to wash in a state left to the washing machine, it is better to use the laundry detergent properly.

soap clothes

If your skin is weak, instead of reducing the amount of detergent used, you should take action to increase the number of rinse times. When the amount of detergent is increased to unreasonably, not only the dirt becomes difficult to fall, but also the phenomenon “re-contamination” that the dirt which melts into the washing liquid once again adheres to the washing material becomes easy to occur.  enema jabonoso preparación


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