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shaving soap

  • The shaving cream introduced in this article is not a product that bubbles and gels come out if you press the head of the can. This is a type of product that is whipped with a brush or whipped by hand. I introduce a product suitable for the way of shaving especially called Classic Shaving.

(PostScript: This article is the most read about shaving. It has been a year since the public, but the price has changed a lot. The person who buys it confirms the current price, and buys it after it consents. )

Men’s shaving has evolved considerably in this 50 years. In general, my childhood was still edged or double-edged or disposable or replaceable. Then two blades came out, the number of the blade is three, and increased to four, and it came to cause the vibration by electric, and it has gone out five blade now.

In fact, the larger the blade, the softer it becomes, the better the shaving comfort. It is possible to shave a certain degree of depth, it came to shave in a relatively short time. However, the price of the blade became high gradually.

shaving soap recipe

In addition, my beard gradually thickens by aging, and the cartridge type came to come out of the shaving leave. The 40-50s is the darkest period of the beard.Then, it decided to return to a double-edged razor in the old Shing. The blade is only one piece, but the deep shaving is possible when I control it well. Instead, you need to get used to the technique. It is called a wet shaving or Classic Shaving recently to hit a beard with a double-edged safety razor and an old straight razor. For men, razors have always been a hobby and a favorite. There is also a preference of methods and tools, you can find a lot of information.We will be announcing some information on this site in the future, but the first article is relatively small Japanese information, shaving soap, Introduction to shaving cream.

shaving soap vs cream

Historically, shaving soap is older. Soap is more popular among people who have a hobby of shaving. On the other hand shaving creams are easy to whip, and are now generally becoming more popular.The soap is more expensive than the cream, but the cost performance is excellent because it can be used for a longer period of time. As the manufacturer side shave every day, soap is three months, cream seems to be a lot of use for about two months, most people have more than that.

shaving soap and brush

In addition, some products have a specified expiration date due to the alteration of the opening and the aroma flying. In particular, recent products tend not to contain preservatives, and they are easily altered once used. If you use multiple products at the same time, take care. If you use multiple creams at the same time, the recommended method is to use a subdivision or a spatula (a spatula like a wooden spoon of ice cream).

shaving soap or cream

In case of soap, let it dry as much as possible before closing the lid. However, when exposed to the wind and high temperature, the fragrance flies. It may be a good idea to dry it to some degree instead of completely from it. After I load, I scoop the soap containing moisture with my finger and leave the lid empty only while shaving.

In general, it is important for the shaving foam to have a dust-sensitive skin body wash  stickiness and lubricity that lasts a long time. (in the case of shaving when showering or bathing, the severity of the stickiness of the foam falls a little, but in the case of the person who shaves in the morning while wearing clothes, the foaming is weak and is troubled with the treatment. )

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