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Do you want to make a 100% natural soap that fits perfectly with your skin type? It’s very possible. To make a soap, you will need a fat and a soda, to which you can add the beneficial additives that remedy your skin problems.
Sensible Skin Soaps?the very beneficial products, including an excellent essential oil, which can be used to make your soaps for.Discover also the exact recipe of its manufacture.
 What products can we make a homemade soap with?Coconut oil
It is a very beneficial oil for the skin, moisturizes it, calms it, and increases its natural defenses.
It is also an excellent antibacterial and anti envanecedor, prevents the appearance of striae.
Olive oil handmade soap
It is an oil that softens and moisturizes the skin, it is also refreshing.
Olive oil also strengthens the skin’s immune system and protects it from external aggressions.

Baby Soap for Sensitive Skin?

Peanut oil.This oil is highly recommended for those who have dry skin, that is, some people are allergic to it, if this is the case, read the components of their cosmetic products because peanut oil is often used in beauty care.


Wheat germ oil

Rich in vitamin a, b, d, e, and f, this oil prevents wrinkles, repairs, calms, and lights the skin.Beeswax and honey Hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, they also facilitate the healing of superficial wounds and blackheads.

Rosewood Essential Oil,This essential oil is well known for its regenerating and healing power. It also exudes a soothing and relaxing soothing soap dispenser

¿Soap for Sensitive and Dry Skin?

This soft face and body soap for sensitive, fragrance-free skins is particularly appreciated by children and their mothers. Suitable for the make-up or in the ritual type of care.This super greasy soap (8%), naturally rich in native vegetable glycerin, is handmade by saponification of cold-based vegetable oils derived from organic farming.AVOCAMANDE soap, enriched with vegetable oils of olive, coconut, sweet almond and shea butter gives softness and hydration to all types of skins.

* Layering: Japanese beauty ritual consisting of overlapping layers of care for optimum purity of the skin.

* Native vegetable glycerin: glycerin made by soap itself through the process of saponification.


Our tips for use

For the body, moisten the skin, rub with soap and foam directly on the skin or with a vegetable sponge to provide your skin a thorough cleaning and rinse with clean water.For face and / or makeup, use a face brush or a sponge (avoiding the eyes) to provide the skin with a slight exfoliation.Your skin is ready to take care or your serum for your face!

¿Soap for Sensitive Skin and Fat?

Description of care:Natural “face and body” fat soap designed for sensitive, saponified skins of butters and precious oils from organic farming.

Enjoy the benefits of Organic Avocado, Be Organic, Organic Rose and Organic Nigel!

Fragrance without allergens 100% natural and organic produced by BelleBulle. Fragrance “so adorable”: fruity aroma that recalls childhood.

Tips for use:This soap is so soft that it is suitable for the body, the intimate areas and also the face … Use it to remove makeup or moisturize your face! To prolong the duration of use, you can take it out of the shower and dry it between each use!This soap is the one we recommend for the younger ones.

Ingredients (INCI):No palm oil, no preservatives, no animal fats or mineral oils. Not tested on animals. Friendly vegan. 92% of the ingredients of natural origin, of which 75% are vegetable oils derived from organic farming. Created and made in Brussels.

¿Soap for Sensitive Skin?

What soap do you use when you have?To have good hygiene, it is necessary to wash the body daily as this requires a soap for mixed skin sensitive. Instead of feeling clean and fresh after a shower, you have irritated, dry and itchy skin? If this is the case, your soap may be involved. can become dry, red and poorly eaten if you put it in contact with some chemicals contained in the classic soaps. If you know you have , or have already had a bad experience with a soap in the past, it’s time to find a soap specially designed for !

¿How to Make Soap for Sensitive Skin?

Soaps on bread or liquid soaps There are mainly two types of soaps: bread soaps and liquid soaps. But what soap should be chosen when one has ? Here’s a summary of the pros and cons for these two types of soaps:

Liquid soap allows a pleasant cleansing of the body and properly moisturizes your skin, which is essential for dry power. On the other hand, a liquid soap tends to be more colorful than a bread soap, and often contains perfume. This is a problem for , because perfumes and dyes often cause allergies and blemishes.

In some people, bread soap may seem cheesy. It is difficult to use, and some people think it is less hygienic because it is left outdoors. But when you have , a loaf of bread has advantages.

¿Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Soap?

It is generally softer than liquid soaps and does not contain perfumes or dyes. On the other hand, a loaf of bread has a higher PH, which means it dries the skin.

What kind of soaps to choose? When you have , it is best to use a loaf of bread. You may be surprised, but bread soaps have a real advantage when you have sensitive and fragile skin. With a loaf of bread, you will be less likely to irritate your skin.

sensitive skin cream

Now that you know it will be wiser to use a loaf of bread, it’s time to fine-tune your choice. There are many types of bread soaps on the market. The first criterion of choice should be the list of ingredients. It is important to look at the list of ingredients. If you see that a bread soap has a lot of ingredients, with barbaric names, it certainly will not have to be chosen. Instead, look for a bread based on natural ingredients such as almond oil or olive oil.

¿What Is The Best Soap For Sensitive Skin?

Look for a loaf of bread with moisturizing active ingredients. As soaps tend to dry the skin, it is best to find a moisturizer. There are many dermatological laboratories that offer this type of soap: AVENA, a-Derma, Rogé Cavaillès. The ingredients contained in moisturizing soaps are often Aloe Vera, sweet almond oil, Vaseline.once a week, use an exfoliating soap. If you have too dry skin, poor circulation of skin or rough, scaly skin, you can use mild exfoliating soap. It will gently remove dead epithelial cells and leave it soft!

They prefer soaps based on glycerin. If you have eczema, or another dermatological problem, look for a bread that contains glycerin. It will cleanse your skin without attacking it. Make sure the soap is labeled “unscented.”

¿Eucerin Sensitive Skin Soap?

The word perfume is a generic term that brings together more than 3000 chemicals, of which you may be allergic. To avoid irritating the skin, make sure that the list of ingredients does not contain the word “fragrance” or that the soap is labeled “fragrance-free”. If you can not get past fruit and scented soaps, look for those that contain essential oils such as lavender essential oil.

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Finally, be sure to choose a soap that contains other ingredients such as dyes, detergents or preservatives, which can be aggressive.there is not only soap that can attack it. We need to see how you wash. For example, you should avoid using too hot water in the shower or for a bath. May cause irritation. When washing, use a soft sponge or towel. It is not good that the frictions associated with washing are too severe. Always massage the soap into your skin with a gentle circular motion to the foam and clean the skin. After showering or bathing, be sure to moisturize your skin with a soft lotion or moisturizer.

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