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Laundry Soap

  • Here we introduce the washing method which maximizes the cleaning power of the soap. The finish is very different by putting eyes, putting the hand, and giving attention a little.Even in a two-tank washer or in a fully automatic washing machine, it is important to pay attention to the standing condition of the foam through the laundry.The Master of Soap washing (master of soap washing-washing machine is good

The one who controls the bubble will win the washing.If you wash it in this way, it is enough to wash it easily with the soda and carbonates two or three times. If you grasp the knack and wear it, you will surely enjoy the daily washing.

  1. Sort the clothes you want to wash and guess the weight,The one to wash, to separate the washing colors, etc., and to put the one washing at a time in the washing machine, the weight is guessed. It becomes understood by the rule of thumb when becoming accustomed, but let’s measure it properly by using the body weight meter.

The washing weight and volume of water are displayed on the back of the washing machine’s lid. Because the washing weight shown is the weight determined using the washing material of the regulations in the washing performance test of JIS, the actual washing is suitable for 7-80% of the washing weight of the display.In the case of a fully automatic washing machine, the amount of the washing thing soaked in water, and moving without impossibility is an aim. In the case of a two-tank washing machine, the ratio of the weight of the water and the laundry is about 25:1, and the washing thing swims in water is an aim. In both cases, if you put too much, you cannot wash well.

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Unlike soap, it is not necessary to put a lot of foam in the case of a synthetic detergent because it does not become a guide of the amount necessary. Please use it to protect the standard usage.

In the case of soap and complex soaps, because the amount of foam is required, it is not necessary to reduce it excessively, but it is possible to reduce the amount of use by thoroughly whipping the synthetic detergent and washing it.of you want to reduce the amount of standard usage, please try various things while looking at the appearance of washing up. shaving soap and brush

Homemade Laundry Soap

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