check your pockets.Of course, the sand and the dust which enters the seam of the pocket are paid by the old toothbrush.The dirty dirt is pre-washed.I see the explanation that it is necessary to wash the whole before the soap washing well, but the whole washing is not necessary for a usual dirt. Just like a diaper, oil-covered work clothes, a muddy workout.

the whole of the dirt is soaked in water and washed. The worst thing about oil stains is that it is easy to get dirty when you use a self-washing soda. The worst thing about mud stains is that it is better to pre-wash with soap liquid.Partial washing

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The collar, cuffs, pants hem, pocket mouth, sock bottoms, etc. are partially soiled with soap. The spot with the stain is the same. Wet and rub the solid soap, or spray the liquid soap, and leave the down. It is also a good idea to spray the self-made soda in the dirt of the collar and cuffs.

where to put powder detergent in washing machine

Easy to take and perishable things are put in the laundry net.

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Dissolve soap at low water level Note Water temperature Because the washing power becomes conspicuous when the water temperature becomes lower than 20 ℃, it makes use of the remaining hot water of the bath, and the cold time of water uses hot water, and, let’s devise it. The optimal temperature varies depending on the material of the clothing, but generally it is about 30 ℃.

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The amount of the soap is adjusted according to the type, the condition, and the water quality of the dirt as a standard usage measure. If you add more liquid soap later, increase the amount of powder soap you put in the introduction so that you don’t have to add it later. It is good to put a lot of powder soap only for the amount of the liquid soap added in the previous washing. (as a guideline, it is good to replace the liquid soap 50ml with a powder soap 25g).where to put detergent in washing machine

Dissolve powder soap at low water level

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Put water to the low water level, and put it in mind so that the powder soap does not become a lump. It is easy to use a powder soap net and melt it a little at a time when I put a powder soap. When the eyes of the net are fine, it melts by the hand. It is possible to put the powder soap while putting water without using the net, to rummage by the hand, and to stir with the basin and to melt.

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When the soap is put in, the washing machine is driven for 3-5 minutes at a low water level (adjust the time by the washing machine’s stirring force) and completely melts it. (Photos 1-4)

In case of liquid soap

where to put laundry detergent in washing machine

The same is true for liquid soaps, but if alkaline aids are not included, dissolve the carbonate or the self-carbonated soda at the same time. Otherwise, substitute sodium bicarbonate (oxygen-based bleaching agent). jabón

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