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how to make liquid detergent for home and commercial use

The word baking soda has become more commonly used and has been around for more than ten years. I think many of you know, I will briefly explain the baking soda here. “Baking soda” is a thing of sodium bicarbonate, utilizing the characteristics of foaming when heated, it was used in the main component of the baking “baking powder” to be used in cooking and say in familiar things, it was used in the foaming ingredient of bath salts.

In this baking soda. Why is it so versatile as a detergent?how to make liquid detergent at home The same as soap (surfactant), it acts to float the oxidized dirt.
Abrasive effect (large particle)
has a deodorant effect (to decompose oxidized objects)
Less environmental impact (food additives)

These four features are the features that baking soda is useful as an eco-detergent commercial.
How to make “baking soda water”Baking soda is relatively hard to dissolve in water, so it is hard to dissolve it when it is cold water. So let’s use lukewarm water. 40 ℃ is fine around here.
The basic amount is 1 teaspoon in 100ml.

The spray for detergent is often 500ml and has a small spoon or two tablespoons. You don’t have to be so nervous. It is ok roughly. However, the relatively important thing here is to mix well.
Because the baking soda is comparatively large, the particle is often clogged to the outlet of the sprayer as introduced just before because it does not melt easily.
The cause is likely not to dissolve well. Once it is jammed, the head of the sprayer may be turned into boiling water and then returned to the original rinse. how to make detergent at home

Since baking soda water has the same function as alkaline detergents and surfactants, it is most suitable for the oxidation of dirt such as oil stains, sebum stains, and soap scum.
How to make baking soda cream

So, are all the cleaning pros using baking soda? And that is no. Because the reaction to the stain is very mild, the spot where the professional works can compete with the cleaning ability of the baking soda, and it often uses the business detergent not sold in general.
However, it is also true that the recent environmental problems and the burden of workers have shifted to various eco-detergents gradually… Oops, that was the story.

uses of liquid detergent jabón para afeitar casero Here, I will introduce a device to increase the cleaning power in addition to a person’s effort to baking soda.

how to make laundry detergent at home

The recipe is simple. I beaten baking soda with less water and just cream it. Even if baking soda is used as a polishing agent, it is difficult to adhere to the material when it remains powder, so that it beaten with a small amount of water and stick it to the part with the dirt. After that, by rubbing it firmly with a sponge, it will scrape away the hard dirt.
The particles of baking soda are larger than the cleanser, etc., but since the particles themselves are not so hard, it is safe to scratch the material.

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