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Bath Soap

All About Marseille Soap Its origin Would you like to know more about the traditional soap of Marseille?His story has gone through millennia.It all began in antiquity, on the shores of the Mediterranean, with the soap of Aleppo (city of Syria).The soap is at the base, a mixture of tallow, ash, sometimes even goat fat that serves everything in the house.

In the Middle Ages, the manufacturing process is invented. With abundant raw materials, such as olive oil, salt and soda, Provence is the region of the soap factory par excellence. It is only later that copra oil, for example, will refine the original recipe.In the seventeenth century, Marseille became the only city in France to be able to make soap whose rules were set by the Sun King.

The name of Marseille soap is then given to the method of manufacture.Over time, Marseille’s soap has gained notoriety.In the nineteenth century, the soap industry developed and organized itself. Marseille remains the main place of production with more than a dozen soap.Today, Marseille soap always arouses interest, it is recognized worldwide and it is particularly appreciated for its ecological qualities.

Its manufacture

The traditional Marseille soap is made in a cauldron, it is more a method of manufacture than a chemical formula.Let’s see together more details the different steps …

The pasting:

Vegetable oils and soda are heated and brought to a boil in the cauldron. It is the process of saponification that will gradually form a soap paste.


Excess soda is then added in order to saponify, i.e. to have a more complete reaction of the fats, which would not have reacted to the pasting stage. This mixture boils at 120 ° C for several hours.

The release or washing:

The dough is cleaned several times in salt water to remove the remaining soda and to separate the glycerin that will then be removed. It’s the defatting of the soap.

The liquidation:

The dough is put to rest, then washed in pure water in order to rid the soap of all impurities and salt in addition. In order to make the soap very fluid, the master soap realizes a last addition of water and controls the perfect neutrality of the dough. The SOAP takes shape.

Casting and Drying:

The still-hot fluid paste is poured into molds, rectangular cooling bins in cement, for good homogeneity. It will harden to form a real soap screed and dry for 48 hours.

Cutting and stamping:

Originally, the solidified soap was cut into cubes, then “marked” as collateral: 72% vegetable oil. This percentage proved the quality and the 100% natural side.Today, the soap of Marseille can take other forms: liquid soap, Pebble …, in order to adapt to all our desires!

soap bath products:Finally, the latter has to wait a week to 10 days, the time of all these steps, before being able to end up in our bathroom!Its use and benefits_Marseille’s traditional soap is first of all a mild body hygiene product, whose daily use has been known for a long time, especially for the hands and body.It is an ecological product, biodegradable, that does not pollute the environment.But do you also know that Marseille soap has super powers?

It can be used as a household cleaner and laundry detergent in spanish. It is used in particular to wash fragile textiles and to effectively detach. It is recommended for baby linen or people with sensitive skins, as it does not contain allergenic elements.A little sore? No problem, Marseille soap is disinfectant.Antimite, Bactericidal, contributed to the decline in infant mortality in the nineteenth century.Put at the bottom of the bed, it would avoid even having cramps and rheumatism.

Savon De Bain

Bath soap with Argan oil,Developed to clean the skin without any sensation of tightness, all our soaps use an Ultra soft plant base combined with specific assets.

Bath Products

bath soap making formula

A clean, soft skin with an unavoidable soap.Known and used for its nourishing and moisturizing properties, Argan Oil is an asset to the many benefits you will find in our bath soap.In synergy with a protective and moisturizing active that allows to increase the moisture content of the skin and to keep it soft and smooth, you will be surprised by the mellowness of its foam and its quality immediately perceptible.

bath soap manufacturing process

Deliciously scented with the orange blossom, it will suit you as well as the gentleman.All our products are developed under dermatological control.His roundness makes him very practical. This bath soap is also very “trendy” with the argan oil that composes it. And, following the memories of each one, it will appear freshly displaced or slightly retro with its scent of yesteryear: the orange blossom.

How to make bath soap

Techniques, supplies and recipes,Ecologically speaking, a shower is preferable to a bath; It consumes less water. However, you can also enjoy relaxing moments with a relaxing bath or a refreshing, invigorating, invigorating, firming bath, or a skin care bath.

bath soap for dry skin

There are a thousand and one way to take a bath, for example with or without relaxing music, in a fragrant atmosphere with the help of a diffuser of essential oils, with or without light sifted to simple candles, scented, or with a candle of massage which once melted, will spread over the body.You can decorate the water in your bath with various elements, one or more fondant or not in the water, depending on the desired effect:

  • Essences and/or essential oils
  • Algae
  • Salts, marine salts, Epsom salts
  • Vinegar
  • of Kombucha
  • Plants, herbal teas
  • Milk
  • Honey or sugar
  • Bicarbonate
  • of Clay or Rhassoul
  • Bach Flowers
  • Biochemical salts of Schüssler

You can prepare yourself:

  • Your scented bath salts
  • Your herbal tea or aumonières for the bath
  • Your bath and shower products and your shower gels
  • Your bath and shower bombs
  • Your bath and shower bottoms
  • Your candy and Bath tablets
  • Your bath sugars effervessents or not
  • Your shower jellies
  • Your foaming Breads
  • Your soaps and soap
  • Your liquid soaps, soap gels or washing creams

Bath soap video

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